Uploading Your Family Tree to Ancestry: A Step-by-Step Guide

Did you know Ancestry allows users to upload family trees directly from their computers? In this post, discover exactly what it takes and how you can start.

There are various places and methods for building family trees online or through software installed on your computer, and Ancestry makes this task straightforward. If you have taken the time and effort of creating your tree elsewhere but would also like it listed here, Ancestry makes this easy and straightforward.

Why would I want to host my family tree on Ancestry? There may be numerous advantages to uploading your family tree even though you used another platform when creating it; one great advantage being being able to view everyone on a map!

Are You Building and Expanding Your Tree on Ancestry
Are You still working to establish and expand your family tree? Ancestry offers one of the easiest and best places online to access genealogy records, making it simple and fast for adding sources, information, and people to your tree.

Help Others with Their Research
Your Ancestry family tree can serve as an invaluable tool for those researching common ancestors. Most trees on Ancestry are public member trees which can be searched by Ancestry subscribers; however, you can opt to make yours private if desired.

Extra features for DNA results
If you have tested your DNA with Ancestry or are planning to do so soon, having a family tree connected with your results unlocks extra features and helps maximize learning from this experience.

Share Your Family Tree
Ancestry makes sharing our family trees with family members very simple. All they need is a free Ancestry account and you can invite them to view, edit and collaborate on your family tree.

What do I need in order to upload my tree onto Ancestry? In order to upload your family tree onto Ancestry, two things are required – a free Ancestry account and your family tree in GEDCOM format. While it is possible to complete this process using mobile devices such as phones or tablets, computer access makes this step simpler.

Ancestry offers free accounts that you can create here: Create a Free Ancestry Account

Family Tree File in GEDCOM Format
When exporting your family tree into the GEDCOM format, each software program and website offers different processes to do this easily – most have settings or features dedicated for this task.

Steps for Uploading Your Family Tree to Ancestry
Once you have your Ancestry account established and your GEDCOM file on your computer, uploading your family tree should only take five minutes! Below are three easy steps that will walk you through this simple process of uploading.

Access Family Tree Overview on Ancestry
In order to access your “My Trees” overview page on Ancestry, first navigate to it by clicking on “Trees” tab at the top of your screen and then choosing “Create and Manage Trees” option available under drop-down menu.

At the bottom of your My Trees page, click “Upload a GEDCOM File.” When asked whether or not to upload, choose this option instead.

Locate and Select Family Tree File from Your Computer
Now, press the grey “Choose File” button. A dialog window will automatically appear allowing you to select a GEDCOM file containing your family tree on your computer.

Begin the Treebuilding Prozess
Your next step should be to fill in the mandatory “Name your family tree” field. Feel free to give the family tree any name of your choosing; just keep in mind that its visibility on Ancestry can differ depending on its privacy settings.

Your Family Tree” box should already be checked. Making your family tree public means that anyone no longer living will be visible to paid Ancestry subscribers.

If you don’t wish for your family tree to be made public, simply uncheck this box. Furthermore, this gives you a chance to add optional descriptions about it; I wrote an example description here.

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