Are you curious to know more about My Heritage DNA tests and see an example of their results? Look no further! I have been using My Heritage DNA for some time, so let me share what I’ve learned with you.

In this post, I’ll show my My Heritage DNA results as well as:

What you Can Gain From My Heritage DNA Test Results
Here is what My Heritage DNA tests reveal; from its matches and ethnicity results to what you can do with these results; as well as information on how you can take one yourself. Here’s How You Can Access One For Free :

My Heritage is an invaluable tool. Exploring my DNA results – especially my DNA matches – has given me so much information about my family history.

What do My Heritage DNA results provide me? Your My Heritage DNA results consist of three main parts, with each offering various pieces of information:

As I outline in more detail below, these three components of My Heritage results will become clear.

What Is the DNA Results Overview? My Heritage’s DNA Results Overview section offers you with a general snapshot of your ethnicity results, with information such as which regions dominate, basic descriptions of your DNA matches’ qualities, their location around the globe and ethnicity distribution of matches.

My favorite feature of the DNA results overview is being able to see where my matches live. When I saw it for the first time, it brought tears of joy; knowing I have DNA cousins from so many places around the globe helped me feel closer to my ancestors despite recent migration patterns.

Below is my ethnicity breakdown where my main ethnic regions are highlighted:

My Heritage DNA presents your DNA matches’ distribution around the world in an easy to read “heat map” and list format, making it easy for me to select my matches residing in specific countries like Poland or Slovakia. When this feature comes in handy, focusing on just those cousins can be easy – such as when researching cousins living there!

Example of My Heritage DNA Ethnicity Estimate
In either my DNA results dashboard or directly from my DNA results overview, I can analyze my ethnicity results more in-depth by clicking either “View Full Estimate” button from my overview or “Ethnicity Estimate” tab from any element of my results.

Image below depicts my Heritage’s result that shows 61% of my ancestry is from North and West Europe region – specifically Scandinavia.

My Heritage is an accurate depiction of my family tree over the last 200 years, as evidenced by its map display. If I zoom in, it becomes easier to view Scandinavia region clearly, including which countries fall under its ethnicity category on My Heritage:

My Heritage’s Scandinavia region covers Norway, Denmark, and parts of Finland, Germany and Poland.
My ethnicity estimate provides plenty of scope for exploration. For instance, I examine the prevalence of certain ethnic groups across various countries or listen to music selected to represent these regions.